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Funky Squeegee von Moltrassi, Rakeltechnik 2024, Kunst vom Niederrhein,

This work, squeegeed by MOLTRASSI, takes you into the exciting world of colors and their interactions. The squeegee technique creates a picture that is the result of the interplay of planning, chance and intuition. The principle of chance plays an important role here, because the application of color can only be controlled to a limited extent when working with the squeegee. A unique piece of this kind creates a positive and refreshing atmosphere everywhere.


SKU: M24/218
VAT Included |
    • Original artwork/one-of-a-kind (2024)
    • Mixed media on gallery canvas
    • Size 100 x 100 cm
    • Screen depth 4.5 cm
    • The sides are painted black/green.
    • The signature can be found on the back
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