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Everything in colour

MOLTRASSI is a creative individual who resides in the small German town of Brüggen on the Lower Rhine. He is a painter, musician, visual artist, and coach who still follows his childhood dreams.

At a young age, MOLTRASSI was fascinated by two different worlds pulsating within him. His two clear career aspirations were to become an artist and musician. These two passions weave through his life like a colorful wickerwork.

Before dedicating himself to the world of sounds, MOLTRASSI studied graphic design and visualization at the Folkwang Academy of Arts in Essen. However, creating a symbiosis of different art forms still intrigued him.

MOLTRASSI developed workshops that combine painting and music, allowing people to overcome their boundaries and experience the magic of the combination of visual and auditory art. Painting increasingly became the central focus of his work.


He combines colors and forms in various techniques and materials on canvases, creating abstract and expressive paintings that are filigree, colourful, and vibrant.

All his works arise from the dynamics of the moment, improvised up to the last application of paint.


"Painting is meditation and magic for me. Colours take shape from the moment, giving my artwork depth and breathing life into the otherwise dead canvas. Art, to me, means to be free. I want to inspire people with my artwork and invite them to join me on an exciting, magical, and fascinating journey.


The goal: to look at the world from a different perspective."

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